B2E B2E adjective, adverb
1. COMPUTING business-to-employee a B2E website is one that is for all the people who work for a company, providing them with information about the company, and also news and other information that may be interesting for them:

• You can tailor your B2E portal pages to meet the specific needs of different departments in your company.

2. business-to-employee HUMAN RESOURCES a B2E approach is one in which the business gives its main attention to the needs of its employees, so that it can keep good workers and encourage them to do good work :

• Most organizations today can benefit from using B2E strategies.

3. COMPUTING business-to-employer B2E products and services are sold on the Internet for companies to use when employing people:

• B2E software for healthcare programs

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B2E UK US /ˌbiːtəˈiː/ US  /-ṱə-/ adjective [before noun]
HR, WORKPLACE, INTERNET ABBREVIATION for business-to-employee: relating to a website provided by employers that allows employees to see information about the company and other things that may be interesting or useful, and to connect to other websites: »

a B2E portal

HR, WORKPLACE ABBREVIATION for business-to-employee: relating to ways in which a company attracts and keeps good employees, for example, by providing training or a pleasant place to work: »

The company retains employees by creating workplace satisfaction through its B2E approach.

COMMERCE, E-COMMERCE ABBREVIATION for business-to-employer: relating to the sale over the internet of products and services which help employers run their businesses: »

The company provides complete B2E payroll processing services.

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